A Guide to Fighting Workplace Stress

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The reality is, even people who’ve managed to land their dream jobs have to deal with significant work stress on a daily basis. Whether it’s a punishing deadline, a weaker than expected financial quarter or the frustration and anger induced by an arduous daily commute, work can really stress us out. However, regardless of industry or position, there are things all of us can take to make the daily grind easier. This Rolling Out article lists a number of steps you can take to make your workday more efficient, and consequently less stressful.

One counterintuitive tip is to accept the reality that multitasking isn’t real. A number of studies have shown that it’s actually not possible to focus on two equally complex tasks at the same time. The best case scenario is that you’ll be able to switch over your attention very quickly, and even then dividing your focus like that will make your thought process less robust. If you decide to focus all of your attention on individual tasks, you’ll quickly find that you get through them faster and in your day with a list of checked off action items. Follow the link below to learn more ways you can make your 9-to-5 less psychologically taxing.

Read the full article here: Decrease your stress in the workplace

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