A Great Massage Chair Story!

Sometimes we hear some pretty cool things about how our massage chairs have benefited a massage chair user. Here is a pretty neat story…

We had a visitor to our store who suffers from diabetes. He was only in his mid-30’s, but had already suffered for the majority of his life with numbness and burning in both of his legs. He also said that his legs had always felt very “heavy”.

Well, he came to try out our massage chairs and ended up enjoying the Omega Montage, which boasts a pretty good leg and foot massage, along with an MP3 player for you listening enjoyment. After he got up from the chair, following a 30 minute session, he immediately noticed that his legs felt lighter and, best of all, the burning and numb feelings were gone!! WOW! I love hearing stories like that. It just reinforces what we already know…that massage chairs have tremendous therapeutic value for everyone. Even with conditions where you wouldn’t think it could be of benefit for you, you just may be surprised by the results. And if you don’t have any physical ailment, you will definitely feel a decrease in stress after your session.

By the way, if you live in Utah, you are welcome to drop by our showroom anytime for as many times as you’d like to try out our massage chairs. You don’t have to buy one to enjoy it. You can drop by the showroom and just enjoy.

Dr. Alan Weidner