A Good and Bad Massage Chair Story!

Elderly man

Jimmie R. bought an Omega Montage massage chair from us a couple of weeks ago. I just had to share his experience with you because it teaches some really good and bad lessons about massage chair usage.

We set up the chair, left some instructions with Jimmie on how to use the remote control and some of the other features, and then left him to his own “therapeutic designs”.

A week later, I visited with Jimmie and asked him how the new massage chair was working for him. He told me the following…

He had sat on the massage chair for 3 HOURS! Yes, you heard me right…3 straight, solid hours of massage chair therapy, on the first day! He then told me that he was sick for a week. I asked him if he had nausea, a cold, flu, headaches, or what. He said “Yes” to all of those symptoms. So, after sitting on a massage chair for 3 straight hours, he developed all kinds of “flu-like” symptoms that persisted for a week.

I asked him how he was doing now and he said fantastic. He said that his neck and arm pain that he had had for years was all gone. He said he never felt better! Isn’t that something?

So, I figure what happened was that he sat on the massage chair way too long, which unleashed lots of toxins from the muscles into his body (most bodies are not accustomed to massage when they receive it). These toxins have a nasty way of expressing themselves, as in the above list of symptoms suffered by our dear friend Jimmie. Then he felt great because the long and short of it is that massage from massage chairs actually is VERY THERAPEUTIC. Jimmie reaped the benefits of massage, but just in a far more difficult way than he actually had to experience them.

Here are the lessons learned:

1. Do not sit on a massage chair for 3 hours if you are not accustomed to the massage chair therapy. 10 – 20″ is just fine to start.
2. Drink plenty of non-carbonated beverages, i.e. water, after a massage chair session to minimize the toxin pain.
3. Expect to feel better, because your body really appreciates being massaged.
4. If you are sore after your first few massage chair sessions, don’t be discouraged. It is commonplace and you WILL feel better…I promise.

Thanks for the lessons Jimmie and I am sure glad you are loving your new massage chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner