8 Unexpected Things That Cause Pain

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Are you constantly wondering why your back or neck is in pain? You don’t remember pulling or straining anything so where did the pain come from? There are many unexpected, every day things that can cause pain that you probably aren’t aware of.

Your computer screen may be a given, it causes you to bend your neck down and sit for long periods of time. To avoid pain caused by your laptop, raise your screen up to eye level, and get up and stretch every few hours.

Your mattress is another thing that can cause pain if it is too soft or too hard. Do you carry a purse? That’s a good way to misalign your spine. Make your purse as light as possible, and try not to hang it from your shoulder. Instead carry it in your hand and switch sides often.

Other unexpected things that cause pain include your car seat, your phone, your shoes, and your wallet. Be aware of what causes pain so that you know how to avoid it!

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