8 silent signs stress is making people sick

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Stress can manifest symptoms in many different ways. Some are less obvious than others, but they can all add up and make something tough that much harder to deal with. One in three Americans say stress is placing a burden on their daily health, both mentally as well as physically. Some stressed individuals will break out in hives, or experience ups and downs with their weight. Headaches are common, or difficulty concentrating. Stress is even something that can impact people’s immune system, making them susceptible to minor illnesses more frequently.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress can cause an outbreak of hives, or lead to weight fluxuations, both of which can create further stress.
  • Headaches and a tendency to come down with minor illnesses are a common side effect of being stressed.
  • Stress can lead to hair falling out, or even acne; but neither is permanent if stress levels can be reduced.

“Stress triggers the release of the hormone cortisol, which impairs one’s body’s ability to process blood sugar and changes the way one metabolizes fat, protein, and carbs, which can lead to weight gain or loss.”

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