8 easy ways to improve back pain at any age – Personal Liberty Digest

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There are several things that people can do to reduce back pain and improve their quality of life. Stretching can be very helpful in reducing pain. One stretch people can do is to place both hands behind their head while sitting. Then, alternate between each elbow slowly pointing one to the floor while raising the other into the air. People can also sit straight in a chair and push both shoulders towards the floor while extending the spine as straight as possible. Walking and light exercise is another way to significantly reduce back pain without putting in too much effort. Lastly, taking Peak Krill Oil once per day has been proven in a study conducted by the American Journal of Gastroenterology to reduce pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some back pain may be helped by diet and exercise instead of medication.
  • Eliminate wheat and sugar from the diet to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Most people will experience back pain, but it does not have to control their lives.

“With dietary changes, plus krill oil and by keeping one’s back moving through these simple exercises one can help re-train and relax those tight muscles, improve one’s posture and reduce inflammation to get rid of back pain for good.”

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