How Stress Can Contribute to the Development of Type II Diabetes

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While it may feel like the only negative effects of untreated chronic stress are heartburn and a few sleepless nights, the truth is it can have a serious impact on both your quality of life and your longevity. As this recent Medical News Today article explains, chronic stress can have the effect of unbalancing a person’s blood sugar, which in turn can greatly increase a person’s risk factor for contracting type-II diabetes.

In combination, diabetes and stress can lead to majorly deleterious medical outcomes like impaired cognitive function, nerve damage and even stroke.

While a number of different factors play a role in the contraction of type II diabetes, stress is one of the easiest to treat. In addition to getting regular aerobic exercise and maintaining a healthy diet that is largely free of junk food, you can also reduce your overall stress level by making a point to schedule relaxing activities for yourself on a weekly basis.

When a in particular that can be helpful both reducing stress and preventing against the contraction of type II diabetes is massage. In addition to putting the body and mind in the deeply relaxed state, massage can also healthy blood circulation can help lower your blood sugar level.

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