The Power of Cumulative Relaxation

sunset at the beach


While we tend to think of stress as situational, it actually tends to affect our lives in a holistic fashion. As noted in this recent Elle article, wearable technology is now made it possible to precisely track how many times within a day you become stressed out.

You might not think doing something as ostensibly benign as waiting in line for coffee before work or attending a heavy metal concert would cause you to be stressed out, but that may not be the case. The low-level anxiety you experience by participating in an activity that may cause you to be late for work and the involuntary response your body has to aggressive auditory stimulation can cause you to experience a great deal of stress.

Because we unintentionally expose ourselves to stressful situations on a daily basis, it’s important to dedicate part of our regular schedules to engaging in calming activities.

Using part of your lunch break to meditate or to take a walk around the block can have the cumulative effect of making your workday feel considerably less stressful. You can also fit more relaxation into your life by de-stressing your commute. Listening to some soothing music on the drive in to work can put you in a calm and collected state of mind that will leave you in a better position to deal with whatever challenges you have waiting for you.

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