7 Tips For Avoiding Laptop Neck Pain

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Whether you’re in college, starting a new job, or have a few years in your career, if it involves using a laptop, you’re at risk for developing neck pain and back problems from using it. Many offices use desktops instead of laptops, which sometimes are at eye-level like the big-screen Mac monitors, but ones that aren’t can make you have to bend your neck over just to see the screen.

This is more common with laptops since they’re a lot smaller than desktops. When you open up your laptop on your desk, the screen usually doesn’t reach your eye level, which means you have to crane your head down to see it. Extended use of your laptop in this position can cause severe neck pain, and can lead to other health problems as well.

This article explores seven tips for avoiding neck pain caused by poor laptop posture, and can be solved as simply as putting a few large books under your laptop, or investing in a laptop stand. Neck exercises can also help, and can also aid in alleviated stress!

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