7 Tips For Avoiding a Stiff Neck

young couple people meditating yoga in lotus position at early morning on the beach

If you constantly have a stiff neck, chances are you’re doing something that you are unaware of to cause it. A stiff neck can be painful and can disrupt your plans, so why bring it on in the first place if you can avoid it? Here are some tips for avoiding a stiff neck.

The first tip is to stop loading up your backpack, and pertains particularly to students. Many students are switching over to digital versions of books, and even iPads, so they can avoid heavy books altogether. If you wear a purse or brief case with a shoulder strap, avoid wearing the bag over just one shoulder.

Try not to hold your phone between your shoulder and ear, it’s a sure way to strain your neck. Don’t forget to take movement breaks throughout your work day as well, and include some neck exercises and stretches. Finally, stop ignoring your posture! Sit up straight, and stop making your spine do all the work.

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