6 steps to soothe stress – Springfield News Sun

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There are six tips you can use to lessen the stress in your life today. Number one, make sure you’re not taking on too many responsibilities and burning yourself out. Number two, take charge when you can. Be sure to nurture your body and treat yourself. Recharge your sense of joy, and always be sure to find time to relax. Talk to a good listener about your problems, sometimes getting it off your chest is all you can do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress is sometimes inevitable but it is important to remember that too much stress can be harmful to the body and mind.
  • Things like being mindful of your obligations and paying attention to your body’s needs can help reduce stress.
  • Venting and finding a good outlet for your stress is an effective way in combatting it at the source.

“How we perceive stress has a tremendous effect on how stress affects our mental and physical health.”

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