6 Resistance Band Exercises That Will Make People Stronger – Men’s Health

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Back trouble can occur at any age and can cause one to feel old and worse, can hinder or even prevent someone from performing daily tasks. Resistance band training is a surprisingly gentle and effective way to strengthen back muscles without straining them. They are inexpensive to purchase and, if used properly, can provide a strengthening workout without the strain that weight training might cause a weakened back. Leg lifts and bends, hip twists and lifts, can all be accomplished with a band and build glutes and core strength.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dan Giordano, founder of Bespoke Treatments, likes to give clients with back issues resistance bands.
  • Exercises to alleviate back pain, making use of these tools, include single-leg lifts and hip raises.
  • Classic moves, like squats, can be modified to incorporate a band and minimize back pain.

“The snap-resistant rubber band will cost you less than $10 on Amazon, is super portable, and can help one strengthen one’s back by working the supporting, surrounding muscle groups like the glutes, hips, and core.”

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