5 Tips to Help People Feel Their Best with Less Holiday Stress

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The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year. People face an increased amount of stress due to time restraints and obligations. As a result, people get less sleep, have less time to exercise, and eat more unhealthy food. During the holidays, there are five things that can help lessen stress and help people manage the holidays better than normal: sleep, do less, exercise, simply life, and just slow down. Using these tips, people have a better chance of getting through the holidays with stress taking less of a toll on one’s body.

Key Takeaways:

  • Therapist, Cheryl Simmons, emphasizes that holiday stress management starts with managing one’s expectations and keeping them in check.
  • Learn to let things go when it becomes clear they will not be finished within the hoped-for time framework.
  • Simmons suggests making two lists, specifically the ‘must happen’ items and the ‘would be nice if they also happened too’ items.

“Holiday decorating, shopping and partying can all lead to less sleep, less exercise, and eating too much unhealthy food. Add to that the emotional overload of family visits and you have the perfect recipe for holiday stress.”

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