5 Natural Back Pain Treatments that Work – Eco Child’s Play

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Most back pain is caused by poor posture due to our modern lifestyles. If anyone has back pain because of a poor posture, there are natural ways to address this and help them live a pain free life. Find out here how yoga, homeopathy, essential oils, Rolfing, acupuncture and a good old fashioned hit water bottle can cure one’s back pain. People do not need it to turn to taking medications first to address their pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Applying heat is effective in relieving back pain. Hot water bottles work better than heating pads.
  • Rolfing, named after the technique’s creator, improves the fascia, or connecting tissue in the body.
  • Natural oils work similar to products like Icy Hot and also improve circulation in sore areas.

“Yoga is a well-known natural back pain treatment amongst practitioners. Recently, a study conducted at Boston Medical Center and published in Annals of Internal Medicine supports the claims of the effectiveness of yoga therapy for back pain.”

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