5 Hidden Benefits of a Good Massage | World of Psychology

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A good massage can be therapeutic in many ways. A good massage will not only loosen tight muscles, but it will also benefit your lymphatic system. It does this by improving metabolism and helping rid bodily waste. A good massage will also help with circulation and will help rid your body of stress and tension. Lastly, a good massage will help heal the body after surgery. Not only does it help the body heal, but it also helps with pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being in physical therapy for a recent low back pain episode means I’m working muscles that have not seen regular activity for some time.
  • While the therapy starts with dry heat and then massage before exercise, I also find that getting a good massage at times other than during physical therapy helps loosen those tight, sore muscles.
  • The benefits of such stimulation are improved metabolism, removal of bodily waste and toxins, and promotion of a healthy immune system.

“For people with impaired vascular function or limited mobility, research has shown that regular massage may offer significant benefits”