5 Exercises To Do In Bed To Wake Up (Videos and Pictures)

Portrait of young female in white bathrobe looking at camera

Well written article that is very informative to the reader on how to exercise as easy as possible. these exercises won’t really work but it seems to be focused on a reader that isn’t as motivated as the average person trying to get in better shape but it hits what the demographic they are going for.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Sleep inertia,” – described as the period between waking up and being fully awake, and characterized by the feeling of being groggy and disoriented – is more severe among those who use the snooze button frequently.
  • It takes the brain a while to rouse itself after being asleep. Moreover, your heart rate is lower from being in a state of rest that a quick jolt from waking abruptly could harmfully increase blood pressure too fast.
  • A better way to start your day is by doing exercises in bed to wake up.

“Once you’ve done your waking exercises, you are ready to face your day happy and refreshed. Good Morning!”