5 Effective Exercises for Back Pain: Straighten Up! – NDTV

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Do you have back problems, or do you just know someone in your life who’s suffering from back pain? Back pain – especially in the lower back area – is really common, and effects so many people — and you don’t have to live with her forever. ” 5 Effective Exercises for Back Pain: Straighten Up! – NDTV” tells you five ways you can help reduce your suffering.

Key Takeaways:

  • After a particular time, my back starts to hurt and to make situations worse, when I make my way back home I have to carry the load of my laptop on my shoulders.
  • Research suggests that between the age group 18 to 80, most people suffer from back pain due to lifestyle habits.
  • The causes could involve putting a lot of pressure on the back to sitting in the same position for hours to even bad postures like slouching.

“People who suffer from back pain from time to time should do spinal exercises to lower it down. If one doesn’t take proper precautions in the beginning it can lead to a lot of problems later on in life.”