4 Ways To Avoid Negative Stress Using Your Body

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym

In Unmet Steeper’s article regarding stress, he comments on some of daily life’s tasks and how many of them often require deadlines of which can lead us to have stress induced days. In the article he gives us some tips on how to avoid these situations or even manage the stress. He emphasizes that the environment in which we expose ourselves in plays a big role in influencing our stress levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • You read that right — in the morning. A little tough maybe for your nocturnal counterparts, but the idea remains — start YOUR day, at whatever time you may be accustomed to by making your body perform a nice but serious warm-up.
  • There are generally healthy foods out there — some are there in your plate for you to avoid negative stress, you’re not eating them, and you are not even aware of the waste you are making out of them!
  • With your body telling you that you are already stressed out, you can avoid negative stress from escalating further by performing a few tricks as well; consider these as your counter-tricks to what your brain has done to you.

“it facilitates the accomplishment of the tasks you would want to get done in order to avoid negative stress, without it being the primary or only medium used to keep stress within a safe distance from yourself.”


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