4 simple ways to reduce stress – WYFF Greenville

Stress reduction in the modern fast-paced world is essential to survive and create a calmer and more meaningful happiness in life. Over %75 of adults reported in the last thirty days they felt either moderately or highly stressed. Four self-care tips can be done immediately today to give you back a sense of control over your emotional well-being. 1) Wake up earlier – the early morning boost will give you give you more time to reach your goals and a proactive sense of control over your day. 2) Exercise – keeping your body healthy is integral to keeping a healthy mind and building up the kind of stamina you need to survive your busy life. 3) Unplug from social media and technology — indulge your other senses, set aside the techno-grip on your consciousness, invest your time into other hobbies like reading, writing, hiking or even playing with your pet. Try to free your mind to focus on its own natural state in its natural environment to wind down your stress level. 4) Eat fruits and vegetables — super-foods will reduce blood sugar fluctuations which impact your mood. Healthy foods help your brain to have a resiliency to stress and enjoy the good things in your everyday life.

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