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The American Chiropractic Association has provided a statistic stating that over 31 million Americans suffer with back pain. A good thing to help heal back injuries and ease back pain is to exercise, specifically using back exercises. These exercises include what is called a cobra back extension, wherein a person lies face-down on the floor and extends the back upward. Other exercises include the pelvic tilt, the plank, which is good for strengthening the back, and a “pointer dog”, which includes extending the opposite arm and leg while down on all fours.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people get a back injury from doing movements they don’t normally do, sitting at a desk too long, or from lifting something, and it doesn’t have to be something heavy.
  • “With a ‘Pointer Dog,’ people are on their hands and knees, and they’re going to extend the opposite arm and opposite leg
  • “It’s really important to do stretches to keep one’s muscles flexible but also to keep one’s spine in healthy ranges of motion. If one stays in one position for too long, one’s spine loses that mobility

“According to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans deal with back pain, and it can be debilitating.”

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