4 Causes of Neck Pain Within Your Power to Change Right Now – Santa Monica Mirror

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Neck pain is a common complaint amongst people. There are a few easy ways to help avoid the pain. One way is to use proper posture. With all of the texting and computer usage, it’s easy to forget to watch your posture. Another helpful tip is to carrying heavy bags or purses and to stop smoking. Lastly, take notice of your sleeping position. Avoid using too many pillows or having too soft of a bed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Neck pain is one of the most commonly reported causes of discomfort, with up to 65 percent of adults experiencing it at some point.
  • Most of us don’t even think about them but, nonetheless, they are working in the background to wear down our necks over time and cause pain.
  • Try lightening the load inside your purse or backpack to minimize the amount of strain you place on these muscles.

“From a mechanical standpoint, this places increased stress on all the muscles that run along the back of our necks and shoulders—those responsible for holding our heads in position.”