3 Yoga Poses to Do When the Back Is in Knots – Health.com

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Yoga is known for helping the body by stretching it and making it more flexible. Yoga has helped several people with back issues that they were not getting relief from at the doctors office. Three poses that can help the back are balancing table knee to nose, spinal release to bound angle, and the head to knee forward bend to wild thing. These all can help the back instead of having to visit a doctor and get prescribed some medication.

Key Takeaways:

  • A weak abdominal area as well as prolonged tension can lead to back pain over time.
  • The three yoga poses described can help increase core strength as well as stretch tense muscles, which will help alleviate the pain in one’s back.
  • Each move should be repeated at least ten times to help receive the full benefits they provide.

“A weak core can sometimes be a cause of back pain, so the Balancing Table Knee-to-Nose pose in this video is a great way to build strength in the abs.”

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