3 super-easy ways to de-stress at work in under a minute – Well+Good


If work is causing stress and anxiety, there are three moves that you can do at your desk (usually without anyone knowing. Start by sitting in your chair and doing deep breathing, concentrating on your exhaling, do sets of ten. Reboot your body, deep spine stretches and acupressure to your eye sockets. Finally lift your arms to the ceiling while practicing more deep breathing. All of this can be done in under a minute and will reset your body and mind for the work ahead.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress can be alleviated by sticking to a simple routine on a consistent basis.
  • Most people would benefit from de-stressing exercises done at their desk during work hours.
  • Breathing exercises are the best method to quickly relieve stress while at work.

“We spend most of our day reacting to things that are outside of us, especially at work. Taking a moment to put your hands over your eyes can help you get quiet enough to hear some insight.”

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