20 Easy Ways to Relax

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With all the assorted distractions available to us in the post-Internet era, it can be difficult to truly relax. For example, you can try to blow off some steam with an evening jog only to be interrupted by an ill-timed call from a parent. Or you can start binge watching that new TV show you’ve heard so much about only to have your viewing experience ruined by a series of social media notification alerts. Or you might have to cancel a long-anticipated vacation because of an unexpected crisis at work. As much as digital devices enrich our lives, they also make it tough to truly disconnect.

If you’re struggling to find ways to relax, this article has 20 useful suggestions on how to do just that. One effective way to relax is through the practice of progressive muscle relaxation. When we become stressed out, our muscles and fascia become tight and locked up. By tensing up for muscles when inhaling and slowing releasing that tension when exhaling, you can gradually restore your body to normal. Another method is to induce the body’s relaxation response, which can be achieved with a massage, wherein the body is put at ease to such a degree that it releases stress busting hormones into your blood stream. Click the link below to learn more way to relax.

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