1st Time Use – Infinity Iyashi (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Your First Time – Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair”

[SCREEN TEXT: Your First Time]

Iyashi_red_Straight_rightAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com‘ and today we are going to talk about first time use of the new Infinity Iyashi massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics. I always like to make a recommendation of how to use the chair initially so you can get comfortable with it, and not be overwhelmed too much by the remote, or by the functionality, or the look of the chair. So, what I recommend you do, first of all, you get in to the chair – now remember the foot ottoman has this hard plastic cover – so you kind of have to bring your feet in and underneath there, it’s a little, maybe a little bit awkward if you’re used to another massage chair, but very easy to do – and then you sit down in the chair. Make sure you can fit within these armrests, and make sure that your, that you have your arms in – sorry, sorry, the shoulder airbags, make sure that the shoulder airbags aren’t folded over, make sure that your leg airbags aren’t folded over – and then you can put your arms inside the arm airbags, which are built within the armrests of the chair.

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Alan: Then, what I recommend you do, and I’m just going to put on my glasses so I can see what I’m doing here, but what I recommend you do is get the remote control out, it’s very easy. Push the power button, and it brings up this menu – and we’ll have another video that talks about the remote in more detail – but anything that you want, you just push ‘OK.’ So, we are going to take an automatic program – I recommend you just leave it on ‘Auto’ – push the ‘OK’ button, it brings up all the automatic programs, and we’re going to pick the very first one, which is ‘Recovery.’ I’m going to press ‘OK,’ and now it is started. You’ll notice, if you go to the side, you can see the chair is starting to slide forward. That is one of the interesting features of this chair, it has a sliding base, so you can put the chair as close to the wall as you want. An inch, half an inch away, when the chair reclines it’s not going to hit the wall because the base slides forward about 12 inches, and once it’s slid forward, then, as it is now, it will begin the program.

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Alan: You want to keep your head back during the body scan segment of the massage so that that the chair can figure out how tall you are, where your head is relative to your shoulders, the shape of your spine, and basically, doing what it does to cater the massage to your particular body type. Now, you’ll see that this chair reclined to a particular position and it is working. The armrests are working, the foot rollers are working, the foot and calf airbags are working, the rollers are going down in to my buttock, and rolling up my back – wonderful massage – you can see the airbags in the shoulders starting to pin my shoulders back. If you want to recline further than this, what I recommend you do is, on the remote control, there’s a button called ‘Zero Gravity,’ and we push that button, and watch what happens to the chair. It starts to tilt back, not just the massage chair back, but the seat is also rotating back and tilting up so you get a far more reclined position, and in some cases, more intense, because gravity’s pulling your body toward those rollers behind you, and it actually can create a more intense roll.

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Alan: This is a very, very comfortable position, and a very, very, comfortable chair. One last thing that you might want to measure – or one thing that you might want to do – is if you feel that your legs are too high up, you can extend, by pushing the foot extender, and watch what happens to the ottoman when I push this button. See how it extends electronically, it extends the legs out. So, by default, the ottoman may feel a little too, up too high, and it makes you feel like your knees are up too high, you can extend that out. This chair fits people up to 6′ 5″, 6′ 6″, very well, and you can just relax and have the chair in the exact position that you want, and just relax and enjoy. So, that is what I recommend doing for the first time through with the Infinity Iyashi massage chair. I hope that you found this helpful, please ‘Like’ it on YouTube, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, share us on Facebook and on Twitter. We appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs, and particularly this new chair from Infinite Therapeutics, the Infinity Iyashi. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com,’ have a magnificent day, we’ll see you.

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