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Transcript of Video Titled “Your First Time – Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair”

[SCREEN TEXT: Your First Time]

Alan: Hi, this is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com‘ and today we are going to demonstrate the Panasonic MA70, and how to use it on your first time. Usually, when someone gets a new chair, and they sit on it for the first time they’re usually a little intimidated by it because they don’t want to really go through the entire owner’s manual. They’re maybe intimidated by the remote control, which is very easy to use on the MA70. I’m going to show you what to do when you first sit in this chair just to make it real easy so you can start using it. Then you can read your owner’s manual while you’re sitting in it, and you’ve got the chair going. So, go ahead and sit down in the chair. You want to slide back, put your feet in to the foot and calf ottoman, and the first thing that I would do – oh, before we even do that, you want to lift this back pad, which is zipped on – lift it up and out of the way.

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Alan: This back pad is made primarily for someone to sit in the chair when they just want to recline in it, and just sit in it as a regular chair. It’s got firm lumbar support, it’s got some thoracic support, and it’s got head and neck support. Well, you lift this thing up and over the back, and the owner’s manual will tell you to do this anyway. You can even unzip it if you don’t want it there at all. There’s a zipper here. Now you’ve got a head piece, and you can also either un-velcro that altogether or just lean it back once you’re sitting on the chair, and let the rollers work on your back. I would lift the back pad up and out of the way or else you’re not going to feel much effect from the massage. So, then you sit down in the chair, and the first thing that I do, of course, and you’ll do, is you’ll want to turn on the chair. The chair is on now. There are six automatic programs down here underneath the screen. You can pick one of these automatic programs, or you can go manual, and select ‘Neck,’ ‘Shoulder,’ ‘Middle Back,’ ‘Lower Back,’ or ‘Full Back,’ or you can just do strictly an air massage for the ‘Shoulders,’ the ‘Hands and Arms,’ the ‘Lower Back,’ or ‘Legs and Feet.’ There’s also three ‘Stretch’ programs.

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Alan: It’s a very easy remote control to use, but for the first time what I would do is I’d turn it on – and I just turned it off, I’ll turn it back on again – turn it on, and then I’d pick one of these three that I want to do. I usually will pick the ‘Deep,’ because I like a good deep-tissue massage, so press the ‘Deep.’ You can already see that the chair is reclining, and the ottoman’s coming up. I’m going to lift the armrests up and put my arms in there, and then I’m going to let my head go back. You’ve got to lay with your back on the chair, and with your head back on the chair, so that the chair can do the body scan on you. The nicer chairs will always do a body scan to figure out where your shoulders are, where your head is, the shape of your spine, and the size of your body so it can cater the massage to you as perfectly as possible. That is all you need to do to get the chair going on your first visit, and then just sit back and relax.

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Alan: If you want to use a different program, like ‘Refresh,’ or ‘Shiatsu,’ or the ‘Hip,’ or ‘Neck and Shoulders’ or whatever, you can push those buttons, and you can just sit back and relax. Now the arm airbags will turn on, the foot and calf airbags will turn on, and the waist airbags will turn on. You’ll notice also with the arms that one inflates, and then the other inflates. There’s very few chairs that have both arm airbags inflating simultaneously because if something happens, or there’s an emergency, and you got to get out of the chair immediately, and both arms are inflated, it’s going to hard to get your arm out. So, we recommend, or we don’t recommend, but the chair designers have recommended one inflation, then the other inflation after that, so you always have one arm that’s free, that’s pretty smart. Also, you’ll notice that the airbags in the side here will inflate to, kind of, pin you in when the rollers go down the back. You’ll also notice that the airbags in the shoulders will inflate when the rollers are coming up your mid back, and those are designed to pin you in to increase the intensity of the roller massage.

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Alan: You can see now the arm airbags are inflating. It’s pushing my shoulders in. It doesn’t massage my shoulders, it just pins the shoulders, so when the rollers come up your back, it will be a little bit more intense for you. That is how you can use the chair for the very first time. You can let it expire – and you can see on here how much time you’ve got left on the 15 minute schedule – but you can let it run its course, and let it be over and done. It’ll shut off and restore back to the neutral position, or you just push the power button again. You’ll notice that the ottoman’s going down, all the airbags are deflating, the chair back will come back up again, and the rollers will park, and the chair will be right back to where it started. That is how we recommend you use the chair the very first time. Of course, once you read the manual, or once you play around with these buttons, you’ll find that everything will kind of – you can start pushing different buttons and having your way with it – you’ll find something that’s very comfortable for you to use whenever you sit down, and it may not always be the same thing. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com.’ If you enjoyed this video, please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates on subsequent videos that we’re making on this chair and other chairs. Also, please ‘Like’ us and share us on Facebook and on Twitter to help spread the word about massage chairs, we appreciate that. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com,’ we’ll see you in the next video.

Click on this link to view this Panasonic MA70 massage chair tutorial.

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