16 Ways You Can Make Your Life Less Stressful

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Although the number of studies finding that stress can have a majorly deleterious effect on our mental and physical health, the fact the matter is it’s not always easy to relax. The demands of work, home and the social media feed don’t often leave people with enough time to kick back and take it easy. And while taking a nice tropical vacation sounds nice, the costs of doing can be prohibitive. However, there are a number of inexpensive and relatively quick activities you can engage in that will help keep your stress at a manageable level.

This Good Relaxation article lays out 16 different ways you can relax, even if you’re pressed for time or short on cash One of the tastiest ways to manage stress is to eat a bit of dark chocolate. A few ounces of dark chocolate are great for reducing the amount of cortisol, a key stress hormone, in the blood stream. Organizing your living and workspaces can also have the effect of making your life less stressful. And spending around 15 minutes in a massage chair on a daily basis will help you greet each day with a calm and focused state of mind. Click the link below to learn more cost effective and quick ways you can relax.

Read the full article here: 16 Ways To Relax And Enjoy Life More

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