11 Tips For Staying Calm & Handling Your Stress At Work

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Work can be stressful but you shouldn’t let it stress you out. Caroline Steber sights 11 tips for keeping a cool head. Keep a physical calendar, maintain a healthy work/life balance, say no sometimes, be organized, leave your desk when you can, don’t forget your breaks, minimize distractions, stay positive, be social out of work, take care of yourself, and finally get support from your co-workers. Following these tips won’t eliminate your stress but will reduce it quite a bit.

Key Takeaways:

  • it can feel like stressing out is the only option. Same goes for that terrible, exhausted, burnt out feeling, which has totally become the norm.
  • These stress-inducing things are often out of your control. I mean, there’s not much you can do about those deadlines, or that inbox.
  • “There are many reasons that people are stressed at work, both real and perceived.” She cites deadlines, working long hours, and a lack of organization as some top causes of office anxiety.

“One of the best places to start is by taking a look at the true cause of your stress.”