10 Ways to Make Falling Asleep Easier

Portrait of young female in white bathrobe looking at camera


As millions of people across the country are aware, it’s pretty difficult to get your head to turn off come bedtime. Whether its problems at work or in your interpersonal relationships, it seems like all of your ongoing anxieties manifest themselves just as you’re trying to fall asleep. And, for some inexplicable reason, it always seems that a social media notification or work email will prompt a noisy notification alert just as your eyes begin to close. If you’re one of the more than 60 million Americans who struggle with insomnia, this Good Relaxation feature is a must read.

It offers 10 different strategies on how you can quiet your mind to the point that you can fall asleep easily. One suggestion is to read a book before bed. The article cites a Sussex University study which found that reading a book before you go to sleep can reduce a person stress level by as much as 68 percent. Another is to take a warm bath before lying down for the night. Doing so will relax all the muscles that of become stiff and tight over the course of your work day. It also suggests not using any electronics in bed. The reason being, the “blue light” emanating from a cell phone or tablet computer has the effect of telling the brain it’s morning even if you’re using the device in the middle of the night.

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