Rare gene mutation gives rise to low sensitivity to physical problems

flowing water
flowing water

People are looking for new ways to deal with physical problems. The truth of the matter is that we have to figure out the cause of these problems. Rare genetic mutations may be a very big reason for the extreme problems, and the truth of the matter is that we need to keep that reality in mind. If people don’t look at these mutations, then they won’t be able to get to the root cause of many kinds of physical issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Physical problem sensitivity is something that we all have to deal with as it can make it very difficult to walk.
  • Physical sensitivity can make it harder for people to do basic things like writing as well. This also makes it harder to type.
  • People want to be able to find a way to make sure that they can get everything set up and try to find a way to make sure that they can manage all the medical accounts that are tied to physical problem management.

“One such area of research is congenital hypoalgesia, an inherited disorder which causes patients to have a severely reduced capacity to detect damage to their body that would usually cause extreme pain, such as biting off fingertips, lips and the tongue, and frequent bone fractures. Patients with such pain insensitivity are being assessed in the hope of identifying novel analgesic drug targets.”

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Stress affects your health more than you may think

stretching arms
stretching arms

The fight or flight response initiated in response to stressors in our lives is not suited for the modern lifestyles of most people. The stress we experience is normally not able to be resolved by fighting or fleeing. This results in constant stress reactions in our bodies that can have very detrimental effects. Chronic stress can influence symptoms of chronic disease such as diabetes and asthma as well as causing separate negative reactions such as gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, and many other possible symptoms. The solution is to find coping strategies to deal with stress and realizing each person is different. Each one of us must find the coping skills suited to our individual needs. The article goes into detail and provides an excellent description of analyzing individual stressors and developing appropriate strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress has numerous triggers from including financial, work related, family related, and performance related worries. We often try to ignore stress and can overlook its effects on our health.
  • Stress occurs when we are required to adapt to changes in our surroundings. It releases hormones to help you protect yourself from danger. When we’re not in physical danger stress stays internalized.
  • Stress can aggravate conditions like asthma or cause them like headaches, and depression. Chronic stress can affect diet, appetite, and weight, poor sleep patterns, pain, and blood pressure.

“Feeling stressed can aggravate symptoms of asthma or diabetes, but it can also trigger other issues like headaches, depression or anxiety.”

Read more: https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2017/12/11/spc-stress-affects-your-health-more-than-you-may-think/

Is your office job ruining your posture?

using a massage chair
using a massage chair

Health officials and professionals are increasingly warning of the negative overall health consequences that result from spending too much time in a seated position every day, as most individuals working in office settings are prone to do. One common consequence of sitting is poor posture, which can lead to negative side effects of its own, including symptoms of chronic pain. Data shows that the majority of chronic pain sufferers also hold jobs that require them to stay seated throughout the day.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to leading health officials, having a desk job could be destroying your posture and causing you significant back pain.
  • Even people with more physically active jobs who do not sit at a desk or computer experience work-related upper back and shoulder pain.
  • Even if you exercise regularly, prolonged sitting at your job can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

“Five out of ten patients suffer from joint pain caused by long hours of sitting in front of computer or other work related incorrect postures, says a top health official.”

Read more: https://www.zawya.com/mena/en/life/health/story/Is_your_office_job_ruining_your_posture-SNG_105411896/

Top 10 Accupressure Points For Pain Relief

purple flowers hanging
purple flowers hanging

Individuals suffering from debilitating, disruptive, and stubborn chronic pain are increasingly finding a respite in the Chinese art of acupressure. The theoretical base of the treatment puts forth that all human bodies encompass meridians, through which channels of certain energies flow. Acupressure works to target these meridians and ensure their optimal functioning. When it comes to alleviating pain symptoms, certain acupressure locations are of more importance than others. These include the center of the forehead, the pericardium, and the tops of the ears, among others.

Key Takeaways:

  • For headaches, massage the hand between the thumb and index finger for a few minutes
  • Due to multitasking and stress one may feel pain the middle of the head, simply press your middle finger between your eyebrows for relief
  • Massage of the sacral points above the tailbone can relieve menstrual cramps and back pain

“Acupressure involves use of fingers, palms or elbows to apply pressure on the meridians, and massaging them in order to rejuvenate the energy.”

Read more: https://doctor.ndtv.com/living-healthy/top-10-accupressure-points-for-pain-relief-1785360

I Tried Bowen Therapy & It Changed My Life

happy young family with kids in bright modern living room have fun and looking big flat lcd tv
happy young family with kids in bright modern living room have fun and looking big flat lcd tv

Bowen Therapy is similiar to getting a massage done. People go in for their appointment and then the Dr asks them where they are having issues and then they use different rolling moves that are performed at different pressures, speeds, and directions. The appointment lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. Between each set of moves the Dr is performing the Dr will leave the room. This is so the body can integrate the effects of each set of moves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bowen Therapy is a holistic procedure that consists of performing rolling moves at different pressures and speeds on small areas of the body
  • These rolling movements trigger the brain to let go of tension, emotions, and stress
  • Each treatment will involve lying down for 45 minutes to one hour as the therapist works the body with frequent breaks

“As well as neck and back pain, migraines and their body’s alignment – the common complaints of a desk-bound office worker – Bowen can help treat issues in their joints, respiratory and digestive systems, as well as fertility issues.”

Read more: http://www.refinery29.uk/2017/12/181964/bowen-therapy

5 Common Chronic Problems Triggers And How To Avoid Them

soap and towel
soap and towel

It makes a lot of sense to avoid stress and anxiety if people can do so. The stress and anxiety can cause larger health issues for them in the future. People want to try to be able to sleep in the future. They are going to deal with larger health related issues if they do not get to sleep at the right times. People have to be able to find a way to make smart decisions as many times a day in order to avoid major healthcare issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stress and anxiety can trigger chronic pain, which is why it is so important to work to resolve one’s stress as much as possible.
  • Poor sleeping habits are linked to chronic pain, which is why it is critical to maintain a healthy sleep routine.
  • Inflammatory foods such as those containing caffeine, gluten, and MSG can all contribute to chronic pain.

“Chronic pain affects a massive number of people. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, it affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined, and is the most common cause of long-term disability.”

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